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General terms and conditions:


The offer of Complet Chmielewscy Spółka Jawna


1. The compliance of orders with the offer is verified by “Complet” Sales Department.

2. Possible discrepancies or doubts are clarified and corrected by an appropriate sales representative after consulting the Customer.




1. Prices are set according to the present Complet price list, or according to the individual price quotation.

2. Payment Terms for Individual Customers:

•              in cash on delivery,

•              by transfer before the delivery

•              ”COD” (Cash on delivery) paid to the forwarder

Bank account:  Complet Chmielewscy Spółka Jawna; ul. Kłeckoska 59; 62-200 Gniezno,

Bank account number: 08 2030 0045 1110 0000 0044 4900

3. The payment deferred from 7 to 21 days is exclusively applied to loyal Customers (the term is individually set by Sales Department).

4. If the payment terms is exceeded, the deferred payment is suspended.

5. The person responsible for contacts with foreign business partners shall give the data needed for the bank transfer. 


Lead time for the orders: 


1.The lead time for the orders shall be counted from the day of approving the correct order by a sales representative.

2. Lead time: from 3 to 8 weeks

Non-standard offer:

1. It is required to sign the agreement of business cooperation.

2. The first orders shall be manufactured in the term individually agreed with the company’s Sales Department,

3. the following orders shall be produced according to the sequence of placing these orders.


Placing of orders: 


Individual Customers:

1. The information shall be sent through the form available under the tab KONTAKT. 

2. The description shall include the name of the furniture you are interested in and the fabrics.

3. Following that, we will be contacting you in order to discuss the details.  

Contract Customers:

The order shall be sent via an email to the corresponding sales representative. After the order has been checked, it is processed, the term and lead time of that order are set up.


Changes for the orders:


The changes to the orders may be made within 7 days from the day of accpeting these orders for production. The changes may only concern the cancellation of some items or the number of pieces. After 7 days, the order may be cancelled or changed only if the essential parts of the product have not been made or if these parts can be used in production. If these parts cannot be used for other production, the customer shall be charged with the cost of these products. All changes concerning the orders shall be reported in writing.


Conditions of delivery and shipment:


Individual Customers:

1. The delivery of the goods shall be at the cost of the ordering party and with thier own means of transport.

2. The COMPLET company may send the goods through a freight forwarding company. Please contact the personnel responsible for the order to arrange the necessary formalities. Because the responsibility for the goods is transferred to the shipment company, the customer shall be obliged to confirm the reception of the delivered goods in terms of their quantity and quality in the presence of the shipment company’s employee.

Contract customers: 

1. Our own transportation  (van of 120 m3)

2. Freight forwarding - please contact the personnel responsible for the order to arrange the necessary formalities.




 1. All problems related with claims shall be examined individually.

2. If there are any visible faults of the delivered foods, the company Complet shall be informed immediately about the number and types of faults, types of goods and the number of the purchase document.




We offer more than 60 types of stylish, classical, modern and club armchairs.


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